Poem: R-evolution Whispers

Image Credit: Monique Munoz

Paradoxical reveal

The bi-polarities shift

In plain sight, steal

As stellar drift.

Harmonious war

And layered Truth

Of ever-changing lore

Beckons the sleuth.

Etch into the Sky Cave

the Midnight Story

One Mind to rave

Once fractured glory.

For the winged children

Immortal Death

And the mythic forbidden

In star light, steps.

Awaken all demons

Angels, alike

Upon Masons’ foundations

Cosmic gavel strikes.

A mosaic of perception

Interdimensional quilts

Golden introspection

Reptilian tilt.

Time as monochrome

Spectrums, spheres

Collective cauldron

Trumpets, Ear.

Branches run deep

As root systems soar

Holy Fire, keep

Arrow of Centaur.

Breadcrumbs and hoofprints

To foolish Master’s path

While the New Earth eclipses

Father Vampire’s wrath.

Procession to Heaven

Come one and All

Exodus, unleavened

Whispered call…


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