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Grant’s Pass, OR

Welcome. My name is Azra. I’m a multimedia storyteller and friend of Mother Earth.

I was born and raised on the island of O’ahu, in Waipahu, Hawai’i, on Kanaka Maoli land. My father’s family is from the island of Boriken, and my mother’s originally from the Philippines.

I’m grateful to be alive during these transformative times and I hope that my gifts of story make a difference, somehow.

Hawai’i Island w/ spouse & furbaby

  • Poem: The Social Ladder

    Poem: The Social Ladder

    I left my soul down on the bottom rung of the social ladder, burned in wood, a troll’s toll. The desert mirage no longer glitters like gold. The palace is but a haunted mansion of putrescent corpses and tormented souls. How long have I journeyed down this dark path? All this upward motion led to…

  • Reflections of 2020, an eclectic playlist

    Reflections of 2020, an eclectic playlist

    The following playlist is an archived record of the events of 2020. Enjoy.

  • Decolonizing Spirituality

    Decolonizing Spirituality

    I went to a school for neo-shamanism because I didn’t have access to medicine from my own lineage. I learned a lot of techniques that work, but I also learned things that were not congruent with my natural instincts or the ways of my ancestors. This can be damaging because neo-shamanism is essentially white shamanism.…

  • Poem: Father Geronimo

    Poem: Father Geronimo

    Daughter, to you I write this medicine song.   The world you know is crumbling Our great grandfathers thundering I pray, Usen, let the rain fall Like tears down her pretty face.   Your roots are strong You will not die Your wings, like Eagle Meant to fly. Daughter, I feel you suffering.   The…