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Grant’s Pass, OR

Welcome. My name is Azra. I’m a multimedia storyteller and friend of Mother Earth.

I was born and raised on the island of O’ahu, in Waipahu, Hawai’i, on Kanaka Maoli land. My father’s family is from the island of Boriken, and my mother’s originally from the Philippines.

I’m grateful to be alive during these transformative times and I hope that my gifts of story make a difference, somehow.

Hawai’i Island w/ spouse & furbaby

  • A Woman’s Inherent Right to Choose

    A Woman’s Inherent Right to Choose

    I have never been pregnant and if I ever got pregnant, I’d like to think that I would never abort my child. However, this is bigger than pro-life vs. pro-choice. Before there were abortion laws, long before Roe vs. Wade, before there were hospitals and birth control, before there was civilization, women who were not…

  • Sacred Space: From the Inside Out

    Sacred Space: From the Inside Out

    Chances are, you already know what sacred space is. You may have an altar dedicated to your spiritual practice. You might smudge your self, your crystals, and your living space regularly. You may even evoke the wisdom of Fengshui to harmonize with your space. There are some fun exercises I would like to share regarding…

  • Poem: Why Meditation Sucks

    Poem: Why Meditation Sucks

    I have always been a doer to hunt and slay, (and hide) to remind the angels why I am worthy of warmth and clean water (or chocolate milk). Maybe. Too busy to breathe I’ve been earning my breath. Keep your money and fame I am seeking my worth. (Wait). I had to secure my ticket…

  • Poem: Father Geronimo

    Poem: Father Geronimo

    Daughter, to you I write this medicine song.   The world you know is crumbling Our great grandfathers thundering I pray, Usen, let the rain fall Like tears down her pretty face.   Your roots are strong You will not die Your wings, like Eagle Meant to fly. Daughter, I feel you suffering.   The…

  • Comic: Big Bro, Lil Sis

    Comic: Big Bro, Lil Sis

  • Beat Poetry: Stream of Consciousness

    Beat Poetry: Stream of Consciousness

    Back in the cemetery with invisible friends, feeling nostalgic again, revisiting dead ends, and dead friends, with dead pens, and garlic and obsidian I keep the zombies away, please keep your ego at bay, I got a small child at play, the part, the world’s a stage, if love is war, then your heaven is forged,…

  • Poem: The Question of Love, a Shakespearean Sonnet

    Poem: The Question of Love, a Shakespearean Sonnet

    Tis sweet defeat to love, says Lo Answers Vick, thine sugar is rancid Am I then dunce, asks I, or no For defeat cannot be tasted. Vick, he laughs, at I, and bends Young knave, if defeat is thine candy, Then retire thine tongue, or now, perpend Thou death is thy life’s own fancy. Lo,…

  • Short Story: My Friend Grief

    Short Story: My Friend Grief

    Grief is my visitor. He won’t stay long, yet long enough. I recall the night he knocked on my door. The shadows of my newfound solitude invited me inward. I was pleased with myself, and deserving of a reward for making a difficult decision. In a pleasant mood, I was about to open a bottle…

  • Short Story: The Reluctant Hero

    Short Story: The Reluctant Hero

    I’m standing on a high cliff, overlooking some foreign ocean. The night is falling upon the scene, as starlight breaks through the darkening blue sky, and I. I’m barefoot and shirtless. My hands are empty, too. The salty breeze chills my skin, but I am transfixed by the sight of the ocean, its magnificent beauty,…

  • Poem: The Starseed

    Poem: The Starseed

    I lay in the grass in the trees in the sand with questions in my heart Light grenades in my hands. Father Sky have you abandoned me? Guidance, please. Our Mother bleeds. The Humans bite the hand that gives. I am not accustomed to needing protection. Utopia, a distant memory. Vivid dreams of purple skies.…